As, an established company, trading for over 35 years, you can be assured that we have experience in catering for all and any eventualities. Over the years, we have helped design perfect working systems, designed specifically for all our clients.

If the system is not designed right at the start, and the right questions are not asked, then you will quickly find you have spent a lot of money in a system that does not function correctly, doesn’t address all your needs, not fit for purpose, or it doesn’t look right. You cannot afford to allow the wrong company to waste your money. We’ve seen how things can go wrong, and how disappointed customers have been, by using the inappropriate people to do specialist work.

Our hard earned experience and knowledge, allows us to take this worry away from you. Giving you reassurance that the system will address all your needs, will be reliable, and will look the part. We’re evidently not a fly-by-night company, so that if you use us, we’ll still be around for many more years to come. We’ve seen through the major recession (Credit Crunch), staying strong, and reliable. This peace of mind to customers is worth everything.


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Customers feel reassured that dealing with a company like ourselves, assure them that the work will be done by experienced engineers, to the highest standard, and with the essential after sales service, that the industry is desperately lacking.

Electric gates are an expensive investment, and the last thing you want to do is pay someone for a new system, which if it misbehaves, they then find out that the company are not answering or returning their calls, let alone arranging to come back, and resolve/rectify. Even when it’s under warranty!

Also, you can be assured that if there is a problem out of hours, you’re not on your own. Many companies are unavailable as soon as 5pm arrives, or the weekend arrives. Suddenly, there is no one available, to answer your call. With us, you can be assured that we will be available, and guarantee that your call will be answered out of hours. Always!

You must ensure that the correct equipment, is fitted by the appropriately trained people, and more importantly, using major manufacturer equipment, so that if spare parts are not in stock, they’ll be in stock the following morning, without fail!

As the only specialist gate automation company in South Wales, with a fixed works premises, open to the public, we’re not only available on phones and email, you can physically visit us, at any time, for a coffee, and a chat. You can come in, and physically view working equipment, and pick up spares at any time – as we carry a large stock of gate automation equipment, in our dedicated gate stock room, which is professionally racked, and electronically stock controlled.





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We now employ an electronic calendar system, to ensure that any jobs booked in on a certain day/time actually will be done at the date and time promised. (unless major bad weather/illnesses change our schedules).

Its not written on a scrap bit of paper, or stuck in someone’s head, trying to remember. The moment a call comes in, it is booked in, or electronic reminders are set, to ensure the job is in hand, and not forgotten. It may not seem much of a big deal to some people, but we assure you, it has improved our reliability by 400%, and against our competitors, we are now miles ahead of the others.

Customers will always get a call the day before, to remind them, and assure them we are coming, as promised. If there’s an issue, and we have to rearrange, we won’t simply not turn up – we will give a courtesy call to inform you, and rearrange. Also, this system allows us to set auto reminders, so that when your system is due for service, you don’t have to worry – we will call you. Many projects require multiple site meetings, with different people / companies. Our system ensure we can liaise and project manage with people, efficiently and reliably.

All this ensures that we can offer the service you deserve and expect, from such a specialist application, and assures you that you have chosen the right company, for reliability and organisation.


As members of the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation), we are bound by their rules of codes of conduct, to ensure work is done to a high standard. Furthermore, to become and stay members, we have to attend 3 different courses, and pass examinations, to display our knowledge and understanding of the current legislation, relating to Safety and standards. Their courses are vetted and endorsed by the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, and now working in close relation to the NSI (National Security Inspectorate).

Our specific 2 day intensive course (and exams) on Gate Safety (DHF PGG – Powered Gate Group) allows us to be able to certify all our installations, along with detailed risk assessments, and training in Force Testing – which are all legal requirements (pertaining to the Machine Regulations, and Health & Safety Act).

Customers can therefore be reassured that not only we know what we are doing, and are actually carrying it out, but we have also been trained and examined in this field (and refresher courses done, to keep the qualifications up to date). The only other current Gate Safety course available is the 2 day CameSafe course, which we have also attended, and gained accreditation in.

With our experience, knowledge and accreditation, we can now be seen as industry leaders in this field, and are proud to say so. With all this, we can now offer such services to schools, local authorities, hotels and major supermarkets, etc, ensuring the systems will be watertight and fully compliant, with all the necessary paperwork and services that are expected and legally required.

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