Disabilities can have a serious negative effect on peoples lives as it can hinder them from moving as freely as they would like to. The use of wheelchairs, walkers and other apparatus can become a necessity which can cause problems for people to go from room to room in their own homes. E-Gates now offer both interior and exterior automated door services to help those who struggle to walk and move freely to get around their home.

E-Gates cover all of South Wales including Swansea, Carmarthen and Cardiff.

Below are some of services that E-Gates provide:



E-Gates can install both internal and external push pads for internal and external doors. This gives the resident full control over the motion of the door via a push of a button / pad. The doors are equipped with sensors so the door will not close when someone is going through them.



E-Gates provide automatic glass door installation that can be added to the home or commercial workplace that eliminates the need for manually opening doors. This can benefit everyone especially those with disabilities who have to operate wheelchairs and other walking / movement support.



This option can be used for those who need to use both hands and have full concentration when moving around. It uses a sensor to pick up movement when people approach the door, opening automatically, making it hands-free. This is ideal for anyone who has sight disabilities when moving around the house during night.



E-Gates can carry out risk assessments if you are unsure of the correct service you require. E-Gates are Disabled Access Trained and can assist with multiple issues connected with home access. E-Gates provide the best service to use that will work for you in your home. Making sure you get the best and most helpful service is one of E-Gates’s top priorities.

Are you aware of the government scheme in place to help those who suffer with disabilities?

The scheme helps pay for some services that help protect citizens in their homes while still giving them the ability to move as freely as possible. This is done by offering our services VAT Free giving a massive saving of the cost of electric gates and disabled access doors both internal and external.

E-Gates can install electronic gates to the entrances of the property, offering increased security and a sense of protection to residents of homes who may feel more venerable due to their physical disabilities or elderly age.

Save Money
Increase Security and Protection
Live Independantly
Electric Gate System


E-Gates offer these Swansea Disability Access services to both domestic and commercial clients meaning we provide our range of business services. The automatic doors can help both people in the home to live with more independence but can also help elderly people living in nursing homes and care homes.

Our services can also make your shop, office and workspaces easy to access for everyone no matter their physical abilities. Our team can come to your premises and asses the situation helping you take the right steps to choosing the most appropriate option for your home and business.


Contact E-Gates to discuss our Swansea Disability Access Services and find out more about the scheme to save money on VAT

For a competitive quote and more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you

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