As members of the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation), we are bound by their rules of codes of conduct, to ensure work is done to a high standard. Furthermore, to become and stay members, we have to attend 3 different courses, and pass examinations, to display our knowledge and understanding of the current legislation, relating to Safety and standards.

Their courses are vetted and endorsed by the UK’s Health & Safety Executive, and now working in close relation to the NSI (National Security Inspectorate).

Our specific 2 day intensive course (and exams) on Gate Safety (DHF PGG – Powered Gate Group) allows us to be able to certify all our installations, along with detailed risk assessments, and training in Force Testing – which are all legal requirements (pertaining to the Machine Regulations, and Health & Safety Act).

Customers can therefore be reassured that not only we know what we are doing, and are actually carrying it out, but we have also been trained and examined in this field (and refresher courses done, to keep the qualifications up to date).

Not only do we have the highest accreditations in Gate Safety, we also ensure that the courses are kept up to date, as they do expire, after 2-3 years, which requires a refresher course, to re-gain the accreditations. It also ensures that we are kept up to date with changes in the legislation, as it happens. In addition, the specialist and very expensive Force Tester that we purchased is sent away, every year, for re-calibration and re-certification, to ensure that the test results recorded are as accurate as can be.

There are a few companies who do have this apparatus, but do not ensure it is recalibrated, which means that the results that they record, cannot be legally accepted. The accompanying electronic Force Test report, and paperwork will show the calibrated date of the apparatus, and if it is out of date, the paperwork will show this.

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The only other current Gate Safety course available is the 2 day CameSafe course, which we have also attended, and gained accreditation in. With our experience, knowledge and accreditation, we can now be seen as industry leaders in this field, and are proud to say so. With all this, we can now offer such services to schools, local authorities, hotels and major supermarkets, etc, ensuring the systems will be watertight and fully compliant, with all the necessary paperwork and services that are expected and legally required.


With all this time and effort (incurring great expense to us , ever year), and accreditations attained, we have now become leaders in the field of gate safety, and has created new business, in itself, as independent safety auditors, being able to produce detailed and comprehensive reports, to existing doors and gates, where customers wish to check to see if their systems are safe, and compliant.

Rest assured – you’re in the best hands in the industry!

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