These systems are primarily designed for traffic management. E.g. When you want all vehicles to be stop, and request access into a private car park/premises. An electric barrier is a quick and convenient method of solving such a requirement.

Due to the nature of their setup, they can handle up to very high volumes of traffic, if needs be, and can manage the traffic flow efficiently and quickly, helping to minimise traffic build ups.


There are numerous sizes (standard up to 7m ) and lift speeds available, with many options such as fitting skirts above and below, if required.


Electric barriers also very often win themselves over other systems, not only with their rapid action, and space saving features, but they have also proven to be the most economical method of managing traffic. Often you will find such systems, anywhere from small, single road applications, up to multi speed 12 lane scenarios (e.g. M4 Severn Bridge).

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Electric Barriers

Common Applications

  • Private car park / holiday park, for a commercial premises (single/double lane).
  • Security hut stops (for visitors to sign in and out of a premises).
  • Internal premises private roadway control, using traffic lights, etc.
  • Toll roads.
  • Ports access/exit control.
  • Also Often used in conjunction with parking management systems (logging times of access and exit, and ticket purchasing, to pay for parking).

However, on higher security applications, where you need to secure / close-off the premises, to ensure no unauthorised person can simply walk into the premises, then fully enclosed (meshed) electric gates are more appropriate.

Electric Bollards

Purpose and Benefits

These systems consist of a singular bollard, than rises from the ground level, up to a height, to stop a vehicle from being able to progress any further.

Again, these are also used in similar applications, as electric barriers, but sometimes, if clearance restrictions do not allow for a barrier, then the electric retractable bollard simply drops back down, and disappears out of sight.

They are also more suited for applications which need to ensure a vehicle cannot ram-raid a premises, or force its way through. Electric bollards are often therefore extremely reinforced, for such needs.

They are marginally cheaper, but over wider openings, when you need two or more, the cost does start to rise significantly. That said, they do have a specific purpose, for specific requirements, and for this reason, they are still widely used.

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