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Currently approximately 30% of our electric gates business relates to commercial electric gates and barriers. We cover all of the South Wales region, and offer the following services :

To supply and fit:

Custom made and locally manufactured:

Heavy duty galv steel gates (powder coated in any colour)

Aluminium gates

All of the above, electrically operated, using only the top 3 manufacturers in Europe.

Automation of existing gates

Every system is individually customised, using the most appropriate heavy duty/high usage gate automation, for the application, with a multitude of access options, to suit literally every need.

Electric Gate types vary from single / double swing (inwards or outwards), to single or twin sliding gates.

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Industrial Gates

We also provide:

Electric gate repairs and guaranteed out of hours access

Electric gate service contracts – uniquely tailored for each job

Supply of electric gate spares (large range of products in stock)

Electric Gate safety surveys and advice

Electric Gate safety upgrades

With over 30 years experience in electric gates, we are without question, the most experienced, established and renown electric gate company in South Wales.

We have attained currently every Electric Gate safety accreditation, and for this, customers have peace of mind that their system will be installed by professionally qualified engineers, with major experience and a well earned brand name in the industry.


The electric gate and barrier safety regulations exist for one reason – to ensure the system is as safe as possible. Every system will be issued with a technical folder, containing all the legally required paperwork:

Risk Assessments

Technical documents

Force Test results (using an annually calibrated meter, by trained operators)

Declaration of conformity certificate

CE badge

Service/maintenance log

User manuals, etc.

Commercial Automated Gates Cardiff

All potential hazards are clearly labelled, addressed, and proven to work. If we can design out and eliminate the risk, we do this first, if not, provide the legally required Force Limitation features, to ensure the system stops and backs off within the required parameters, so as not to harm anybody. The majority of such hazards are addressed using category 2 OR 3 8.2K resistive safety edges, which provide cushioned and reactive protection, upon making contact with a person/obstruction.

Safety signage, warning lights, meshing the gate etc, are many features often fitted to the systems. Because of our gate safety accreditations (CameSafe and DHF-PGG), and federation membership, along with Safe contractor accreditation, mean that we are uniquely qualified to design and install electric gates and barriers, for such customers as:

Multiple occupancy residences

Commercial Developers and architects

Local authority and the Forces

Environment Agency (NRW)

Schools, universities and hospitals

Supermarkets and hotels

Other similar Commercial applications

Contact E-Gates to discuss your commercial electric gate needs

For a competitive quote and more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our experienced team will be more than happy to assist you. Our out of hours service also leads us apart from the rest

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